Cytek Northen Lights

The Cytek Northern Lights flow cytometer, with its easy-to-use workflow, is a flexible and affordable full spectrum flow cytometry solution for everyday research applications. The Northern Lights instrument incorporates Cytek’s powerful Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP) technology in a one to three laser system, allowing for a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring your system for each application. Whether you are doing basic assays such as cell proliferation, apoptosis analysis, or other cell health applications, or multicolor immunophenotyping panels, the Northern Lights system meets all of your flow cytometry needs.

SpectroFlo® software provides a user-friendly guided workflow from quality control to data analysis, incorporating tools to make running applications simpler.

High Value

Adaptable from a single laser for nine color detection, to a three laser system capable of detecting 24 colors, there is a Northern Lights configuration to fit your needs.

Remarkable Sensitivity

High sensitivity with state of the art optics and low noise electronics resolves even the dimmest populations.

Low Cost of Ownership

Designed to run more colors with fewer lasers for greater cost savings, expanded capabilities, and less setup time between experiments.

Easy, Flexible, and Intuitive

Enhance efficiency with one configuration for simple assays to more advanced analyses, using any readily available fluorochrome and our intuitive software.
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